Friday, 13 June 2008

The Day is Full of Birds

I can see the metaverse; I can perceive it.  Not always, but when I can, it's as though I'm there.  I see dust.  I see shadows.  I see things moved by the wind.  I see the wrinkles around your mouth and eyes, George; I hear your breathing.  I see the way your eyes move in time with the way your intonation goes up and down.  And then, in an instant, I see only pixels again.

1989.  Europe is poised on the brink of revolution; or is it?  Two decades later, the consequences of one small event have turned a world on the brink of peace into a world that is hurtling towards war.  Only Henry, a loner in both the real world and the online world he visits, has the power to roll everything backso that it plays out the way it was supposed to.  As tensions between America and the Soviet Union escalate, Henry's worlds start to merge, taking him back towards a moment in his history he has spent most of his life trying to forget.

The Day is Full of Birds is now available in the following formats:

"Huckleberry Hax takes us into Henry's world, his 'real' life, his 'second' one too and into his dreams of what might have been as well as his fears of what may yet come with his gentle and incisive writing.  He leads us through love and loneliness, through politics and pain, through daily grind and soaring heights of imagination until we don't know whether to laugh or cry."
 Zoe Parness

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