Sunday, 15 March 2009

Adult content to be moved to new continent in SL

Perhaps it's their attempt to do something about that 'snigger' element there is assigned to SL when it comes up in casual RL conversation ("Second Life? Isn't that where people, well, you know...?"). How Linden must hate the sniggering. So adult content (read 'sex clubs') is to be moved to a seperate continent. Already dubbed 'The Ghetto,' the proposed continent has - hardly a surprise - the stalwarts out in their fury (current number of replies to just the continent forum thread - there are other proposals too - is over 900). No, it won't mean you have to get rid of that refrigerator with the naughty poseballs you keep in your skybox; as far as Linden is concerned, this is all about visibility and therefore public acceptibility. Personally, I hate the sniggering too, but perhaps the problem lies with what makes people snigger, rather than the thing they think they're sniggering at.

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