Saturday, 9 January 2010


This week has been Autism Awareness Week at Tiatopia Island. The organiser of the event, Tia Macbain, contacted a number of SL poets - of which I was one - to ask for poems on the subject which would be displayed around the sim and used as the inspiration for a series of SL sculptures. My poem, 'Aspie' was interpreted by Misa Delight and you can see a couple of pictures of her beautiful sculpture below.

All poems submitted are to be compiled into an online publication. Details will follow when I have them.

The poem was inspired by the writings of the Autistic community on its desire not to be thought of as 'broken' (for example, see A very easy to read 'What if...?' article by Tony Attwood and Carol Grey was also very helpful, which can currently be found here.
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