Saturday, 13 November 2010

Nano nogo

It's time to face the music and go public... My 2010 nanowrimo is officially dead. For a variety of reasons - complete absence of plot being a not insignificant one of them - I haven't been able to progress this year's novel past a couple of thousand words.  Well, four nanos in five years isn't too bad a track record, I suppose.

On the plus side, I now have a little time to spend on finishing off my poetry compilation, "Old friend, learn to look behind you in the coffee queue" in time for December. I'm also getting an edited version of "Beside an open window" ready to submit to a few agents (don't look for that one on the website - it's not been published online). And, over, the Christmas break, I plan on preparing more ebook versions of my novels (epub and kindle).

There will be more fiction from me soon, though. Over the summer, I wrote a 25,000 word novella called "The introspection of Imogen Card." It needs a little editing - which I've now started - but this won't take long. Before I publish it online, I'd really like to do an inworld readthrough. It probably wouldn't need much more than three or four hour-long sessions. Any venue owners interested?

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