Thursday, 14 July 2011

Kindle titles now updated.

I've already tweeted about this but - what the hey - I think it's worthy of a blog post too.  I recently discovered that the automatic ebook conversion software at - the 'meatgrinder' as it's so affectionately known - has been vastly, vastly improved. Previously, I'd uploaded there 'AFK' and 'The Day is Full of Birds' and then lost the will to draw air into my lungs following the endless attempts at conversion and understanding polite yet ultimately useless error messages that seemed to say something like, 'There's something wrong with your formatting. Please correct it.'  Not any more!  The new conversion process actually results in my Kindle versions looking the way I want them to and the improvement feedback - when it's necessary - is specific and informative.

The end result is, in a sudden flurry of unanticipated motivation, I've now converted the following titles to Kindle format: AFK (a much better conversion than was previously available and still free), The Day is Full of Birds (again, a much improved conversion and price reduced to $0.99), Be Right Back (previously unavailable in ebook format, a steal at $0.99) My Avatars and I (also previously unavailable in ebook format, also $0.99) and The Introspection of Imogen Card (previously unpublished anywhere, also $0.99). I should add that the conversion isn't just to Kindle format - there are also ePub versions of all five books that can be obtained from the same place at the same prices if you're of that orientation.  That place being:

So there you have it: five Hax novels for under four dollars in total.  I feel delighted to have the ebook box finally ticked and - frankly - a little dirty for the sales pitch.  Whilst you enjoy my carefully woven tales, do think of me in the shower, scrubbing at the stains that will not shift...

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