Monday, 7 November 2011

Your clothing is still downloading... 25% update

'Your Clothing is Still Downloading', my 4th SL novel and National Novel Writing Month attempt, passed the 25% wordage mark today.  Yes, I measure my progress by quantity.  Here's the passage that pushed me into the second quarter - coincidentally, the first to mention the novel's title.

I rezzed as a floating purple cloud. “Your clothing is still downloading,” the message box told me. “Others can still see you normally”. 'Normally' is such a vague term. If 'normally' means 'not as a cloud' then presumably that could include naked. Since, realistically, naked's what most people are likely to be worried about when they see a message telling them their clothes haven't yet arrived, you'd think Linden would be at pains to put their mind at rest on the issue if nakedness is definitely not occurring. “Your clothing is still downloading, but don't worry - others don't see you naked” would seem a much more appropriate statement. But no. The absence of non-nudity assurance strikes me as distinctly suspicious. It's like a question answered with the reply to a different question. “Your clothing is still downloading.” “Jesus Christ, am I naked?” “What? Oh don't worry, others can see you normally.” It's like a subtle form of misdirection. Whenever I read it, I get that back-of-the-mind feeling that someone's just tried to pickpocket me.

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