Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Your clothing is still downloading... final proof on the way

Look at this shiny cover!  The edits have been made, the final text uploaded, the cover designed and the 'OK' button clicked.  Along the way I learned that when paragraphs jump themselves completely onto the next page rather than leave a line all by itself at the bottom of the previous one, this is called 'orphan control'.  Yes.

The cheery email from lulu announcing the final proof paperback's postage arrived today... so I can probably expect the package within the next three weeks, what with it being seasonal and everything.

Once I'm satisfied everything's in good order, I'll probably throw a launch event: read a few extracts, flip the switch on the web page which will let you download the PDF for free, and so on.  It'll probably be some time in January, so keep an eye for notices if this in any way attracts the tendrils of your interest.

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