Friday, 2 November 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012 starts

Yesterday saw the start of National Novel Writing Month 2012 and the first few pages, therefore, of 'AFK, Again', my sequel to 'AFK'.  I'm currently at about the 4.5k mark and feeling pretty good about the start made.

Here's your first excerpt - the first two paragraphs of the new book.

Provided you can manage the whole guilt element, killing a man can be quite the liberating experience.  One minute, they’re there and they’re all they ever were to you; the next they’re winked out, switched off, gone.  You find it hard to believe just how easy it was to delete them.  You picture all of their thoughts and words and actions crammed into a pencil that you held in your hands and snapped.
I remember very clearly the way Step Stransky’s hands clutched at my forearms whilst I pushed the pillow into his face.  His nails dug furrows in my skin, it was wonderful.  I watched his body tense and jerk, as confusion transitioned to fear and fear transitioned to panic.  The bedsprings squeaked urgently as they had a few seconds earlier, but for completely different reasons.  You forget that emotion can be displayed across all parts of a person’s body when you’re so used to looking for it in faces; it’s a shocking, intensely beautiful thing to witness the physical bleed of it in this way.  I watched his conscious, purposeful mind drain out of his movement, never to return.  And with amusement – and no small degree of exhilaration – I watched his erection, still wet and shiny from my own insides, droop and fade and whither.  Sometimes, you know, I find myself wishing I’d let him cum after all.  I could have picked up and pushed that pillow into him whilst I was still on top and fucking him; it would have been the most incredible, the most intimate climax of his life and I would have received it gratefully and cradled the warmth from within my belly as his flesh grew cold to the touch. 

That all for now.  Look out for another update when I hit the 12,500 (25%) barrier.  And wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Its wonderful and certainly grabbed my attention

Lizzie Gudkov said...

Looking fwd to reading further! And good luck! :)