Wednesday, 6 February 2013

AFK downloaded over 4,000 times

Whilst I continue working on editing its sequel, a short post about AFK's downloads.  I discovered today that the downloads recorded at Smashwords in the 'Dashboard' area is only the number of downloads from Smashwords directly and the downloads from other book websites which receive content from Smashwords (via the 'Premium catalogue') is recorded elsewhere.  A few clicks later (actually, that's a lie: it took me ages to navigate the system) and I found that the title was downloaded last year from Barnes & Noble an astonishing 1,470 times last year, making the total number of AFK downloads so far at just over 4,000 (the rest being 1,752 from Amazon last year and 821 from Smashwords).  Wow.  If you're published at Smashwords and haven't taken the time to make the numerous tiny edits required to gain entry into the Premium Catalogue, it would appear to be well worth the effort.

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