Sunday, 14 April 2013

Introducing HHax Furniture and Accessories

I've been fiddling with my collection of home-made 60s/70s furniture for so long now, the notion of eventually selling them has become something of an in-joke amongst the few people who know this fondness of mine. Happily, I'm now able to announce that I finally have a store on the marketplace for these creations. Such is the length of time I've been tweaking these, they're either prim only or sculpty/prim combinations; the pricing of these items reflects this rather low-tech approach in this day and age of mesh and its associated low prim count. I can honestly say, however, that an awful lot of love and attention to detail has gone into re-creating in SL these Danish teak icons of my childhood. Several of them are based on real life items I have access to and have measured, photographed and even - yes - recorded so that the dimensions, textures and sounds are just right.

The ladderax you see above, for example, has its interior and exterior textures provided from photographs of its real life counterpart, plus the sound the cabinet doors make as they open and shut are the actual sounds those cabinet doors make, painstakingly recorded and uploaded to SL. Oh yes, the doors open and shut. Plus the drawers open and shut. But if functionality isn't your thing in SL, there are also prim-reduced, decorative only builds plus all of the individual units in decorative and functional formats so that you can create your own ladderax combinations.

It currently is my ambition to create mesh versions of these items also, so the prim count will hopefully come down eventually. Given that it's taken me the best part of six years to bring these items to the marketplace, however, I wouldn't hold your breath for these. That said, I've really enjoyed getting back into building these last few weeks and the mood is still with me, so expect at least a few more items to be added to my shop. In fact, I'm currently working on a bed and discovering the tedium of pose adjustment. Stay tuned...

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