Sunday, 1 December 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 update

Yesterday, at about 5:40pm, my latest novel, NaNoWriMo attempt and entry in the AFK series (yes, yes; I'm now the author of a 'series'), 'AFK, Indefinitely', passed the magical 50,000 words mark.  It was a brutal month this year; my RL work schedule hit an even busier peak than usual and my word count suffered massively during the week.  Some seriously focused weekends and a hell-for-broke dash yesterday of 5,000 words in under six hours, however, saw me cruising across the NaNo finish line with over six hours remaining to the month.

As is often the case come 1 December, the book is not yet actually finished.  Last year, 'AFK, Again' ended up consisting of 54,000 words once the polish was done, and I suspect 'AFK, Indefinitely' will end up a comparable length.  Expect a release early in 2014 and, for now, here's a copy of my 2013 certificate for you to stroke.  OOOooo  AAAaaa  And so on.
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