Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Second Life 2 going alpha

Sign up to test the new world.

Picked up from New World Notes just now, Philip Rosedale's new virtual world project has started looking for alpha testers.  Funny this should happen now, because I was only wondering about it the other day.

The new world is the product of 'High Fidelity', Rosedale's latest startup, and promises an altogether much more hi-tech virtual world experience than the ten year old SL is able to offer, even with all its recent shiny additions.  Take a look at the development blog and you'll see posts about such topics as incorporating RL touch and how to integrate Google glass.

At New World Notes, Wagner James Au has been talking about 2014 being a big year for virtual reality.  With the consumer launch of the increasingly talked about Oculus Rift hanging tantalisingly towards the end of the next twelve months, the new virtual world might just be able to pull off something SL sadly never really managed: get its timing right.

UPDATE 24 June 2014: This little post seems to have been getting a lot of hits this week, presumably people looking for news about Linden's announcement about a successor to SL.  You can see my thoughts on that development here.

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