Monday, 10 February 2014

Final edit completed on 'AFK, Indefinitely'

Just the damn Kindle version to do now.

The (hopefully) final version of 'AFK, Indefinitely' got uploaded to Lulu today and a fresh copy ordered.  I always work on the paperback copy first, because that means I get to hold a printed draft copy in my hands to make final edits on (as seen above); there's a transformation that happens some place in my brain when it's a thing I can put on my bookshelf rather than a file stored somewhere on my hard drive.  It becomes a book.

That just leaves the job of Kindle formatting it, which essentially involves nuking the book's formatting completely and starting all over.  Fun fun fun.  Once that's done, and uploaded to Amazon, I'll make the paperback public and publish a dedicated web page, where you'll also - as always - be able to read the book online for free.  Stay tuned, Thursday fans!

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