Sunday, 1 June 2014

State of confusion

I've seen Denise Rowlands's State of Confusion sim pop up in a couple of blogs recently and decided I'd go take a look with my camera, now that I've blown the dust off it.

The sim is located next to Crash Boat, which is, in fact, where your teleport touches you down, just outside an old railway station created by Denise.  Follow the road across the track (exercising due caution, obviously) and eventually you find yourself on a narrow wooden jetty which leads you across the sim border and onto the first of the islets.  Take a moment to appreciate the couple of food stalls (by The Biscuit) on the sea front first, though.  Actually, if you're on a diet, don't.

The three islets which comprise the sim are open, sandy isles spotted with palm trees.  Each has a single feature: on the first the ruins of a house by Kendra Zaurak; on the second an incredibly detailed rise of Alex Bader's plants and moss-covered logs and one of those source-less waterfalls that ever-so slightly irritates me (my bad, entirely); on the third a gorgeous beach bar by Eduardos Ducatillon.

As always with such sims, it's the space between these various gorgeous 'sets' that turns it from a showroom into a place.  Whilst the second islet's feature is so detailed that it feels just a little incongruous there to me, the overall balance between detail and space is well managed.  There's some very subtle details too, like the rock pools and the seaweed waterlines.

Ultimately, however, it was the wooden bridge connecting the second and third islets that I spent the most time on in this lonely, yet lovely, sim.  There's just something about a bridge, a view and solitude that's very hard to top.

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