Novels set in SL

Most of the novels on this page can be downloaded for free as PDFs, which are best read from a PC monitor.  They are not available in Word, RTF or text format.  For best results on an electronic reader (Kindle and ePub format), download the ebook versions.  All books are also available in print, some in hard cover.  Most books can also be read for free at Issuu by following the 'Online' links.

Novels set in virtual worlds

AFK (2007) (set in Second Life®)

Second Life® detective Definitely Thursday gets more than he bargained for when he takes on the case of Arton Urriah.

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AFK, Again (2013) (set in Second Life®)

Step Stransky is dead and now all that Definitely Thursday - the remaining partner of the Step Stransky Second Life® Detective Agency - has to do is live with the fact of being his killer.

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NEW AFK, Indefinitely (2014) (set in Second Life®)

Step Stransky is dead: everyone knows now it was murder; everyone knows now it was Definitely Thursday who murdered him. Can Thursday stay ahead of the law long enough to complete one last mission in SL?

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Be Right Back (2008) (set in Second Life®)

Autumn 2008: whilst markets plunge and the US elects a new Presi- dent, a man enters the virtual world in a search of a real world killer.

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My Avatars and I (2009) (set in Second Life®)

Ten conversations in Second Life®.  Eight avatars.  One woman, searching.  But searching for whom?  And why?

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Your clothing is still downloading (2012) (set in Second Life®)

Gerry (Harold) gets asked by Ben (Max) to impersonate him in Second Life® so that his wife, Cath (Gazer), thinks he's inworld...

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NEW Beside an Open Window (2014)

Thirty years after his girlfriend persuaded him to get a brain scan with her, Jason Harlan wakes up in the metaverse to discover he's been dead for thirty years.

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The Day is Full of Birds (2008)

In an alternate world where the Cold War never ended, Henry is recruited as an agent to explore the Soviet metaverse.

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Other novels

The Introspection of Imogen Card (2010)

A day trip to France goes wrong when a young man's ex disappears during a chanel crossing.

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