Friday, 11 July 2008

Look Lively, Linden

In the alternate world of The Day is Full of Birds, we learn that the metaverse there was started in a product called 'Parallel Life', which went "bankrupt when Virtuosoft had launched its new, competitor product. [This] had been the pioneer platform that had started the whole thing off, and the big boys at Virtuosoft had seized upon the inevitable slowing of momentum that had left residents frustrated and angry, and waiting for a competitor."

I've been convinced for some time now that the metaverse *must* be something that the likes of Microsoft and Google are watching very closely. And so, two days ago, Google launched it's new online world, Lively. In no time at all, the new CEO at Linden had written to Second Life residents this letter, promising big improvements to stability and an entirely redesigned viewer. He promises that there are big things to come in the metaverse over the next few years, and I think he might be right...
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