Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Your clothing is still downloading... done.

This morning, 'Your clothing is still downloading' crossed the NaNoWriMo finish line with over three thousand words to spare.  I've managed to put down 53,500 words over the last month and I'm pleased with the result.

I'll be aiming to add this title to my free downloads by Christmas, with Lulu print and Smashwords ebook versions soon after.  I'll be doing a speedy readthrough later today and then getting myself done a personal print version so I can proof-read it properly (I always do this better when reading from paper).  Once that's done, I'll be updating the book into a second draft and getting it up online for anyone who's interested to read.

Here are the last two paragraphs of the novel.  There are no major spoilers in them, but you might want to skip them if you plan on reading the full novel when it becomes available.
It occurred to me in those first few months that the story of me and Cath was always about me wanting something I had no entitlement to. Is love ever actually any different? To want a person in that way is to want them in a way that just isn't possible; however connected two people can be – whatever metaphors we concoct – they are still two people, two minds, two realities, two separate visions of the world and its meaning. You cannot ever take a person completely from their reality. But that's just the overview. On a moment-by-moment basis, the connectedness it is possible to feel is extraordinary, astonishing, unfathomable. In these moments, the impossible becomes possible; it is life's greatest illusion that they are experienced only as the exception to the rule. 
Douglas Adams once wrote about a whole world parallel to our own, accessible by turning your head through the billionth part of a billionth part of a degree. Very few things are actually impossible. In most cases, it's just a question of how you're looking at them at the time.


Flora Nordenskiold said...

Congratulations, what an accomplishment!

Huckleberry Hax said...

Thank you :D