Saturday, 26 November 2011

Your clothing is still downloading... 90% update

This is it, folks; the final stretch.  Today, 'Your clothing is still downloading' passed the 90% mark of 45,000 words.  Whilst I'm still well ahead of schedule (I'm expecting to pass the 50,000 word mark by Monday at the latest), there's still a fair bit of story to be told and I'm anticipating writing all the way up to the 30th and possibly a little beyond.  This might well end up a 60k novel.  In any case, here's the paragraph that moved me into the last 5,000 words to the NaNoWriMo goalpost.
Lying. More lying. It occurred to me that in all probability I'd just stumbled across the very plan that Ben himself was forming. “I've told her,” he would say, perhaps in a telephone call. “And I told her you didn't know who she was when I introduced you. So she thinks you have no idea. I thought it through last night and decided this would be the best way. It's obvious, really. Think about it: the key deception involved her not knowing it was you, and that's now out. You don't have to pretend you don't know her any more. You're free to explore each other however you want. That's all that really matters. There's no reason to own up to having known before today: that would satisfy only your conscience, Gerry; that would be about meeting your needs and not hers.” Yes. A white lie to the benefit of all, easily justifiable in the name of discovered happiness. In the months that followed, these three days would come to appear a tiny misdirection, he would reason. A minuscule absence of truth of negligible actual consequence. Your clothing is still downloading. Others can see you normally.

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