Saturday, 26 April 2014

Beside an Open Window (2014) by Huckleberry H. Hax

Thirty years after his girlfriend persuaded him to get a brain scan with her, Jason Harlan wakes up in the metaverse to discover he's been dead for thirty years. But where exactly is Rachel Petstoof, now that her own death has triggered his activation? And who has the millions that Jason managed to accrue in his singing career? And what happened to him in the two years between his scan and the car crash in which he died?

In a thought-provoking portrait of a future in which the digital dead work and play alongside the living, 'Beside an Open Window' probes the nature of consciousness, of the sensory word we inhabit and the nature of human relationships.

Available formats:

Print: Paperback (319 Pages): £8.99

Amazon Kindle: $2.99

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