Monday, 21 April 2014

Beside an Open Window: download it for free

I will be launching the Kindle version of 'Beside an Open Window', my latest novel, on Saturday 26 April.  The book will cost $2.99 to purchase, however for the first three days I will be offering it for free.

Please be aware: I will be uploading the book to Amazon this evening and it usually takes about 12 hours for approval; you might well, therefore, see the book appear over the next few days (ie, before Saturday).  The three day free copy offer, however, will only start from the moment I publish the official page for the book on this blog (some time on Saturday morning UK time).  I will also then post a reminder about the offer on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

If you take advantage of this offer - and I really hope that you do - please please please consider leaving a rating and mini review (a sentence is all that's required) at Amazon once you've read it.
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